Participate in Research

You can help improve knowledge and treatment of child and adolescent mental health concerns by participating in research!

How can I participate?

If you are interested in participating in research, you can sign up for the Research Registry. 

Here is how to sign up and what you can expect:

1. Click the link to the Research Registry information page.

2. Provide Information We will collect some information about how to contact you and some information about your mental health.

3. Connect If there is a study that could be right for you, a research scientist will contact you with details about the study.

4. Choose It is your choice to participate in any research study, you can say yes or no when a research scientist contacts you. Choose to participate in the studies that are right for you!

What is mental health research?

Research helps us better understand what can contribute to mental health concerns in children and teens, and how to help. But, there is still a lot to be learned and we need volunteers like you to help. In our program, there are many different kinds of research studies: some help develop new treatments, some evaluate what can make someone more likely to develop a mental health concern, and others examine how the brain works. 

Who can participate?

If you are 18 years old or younger, you are eligible to participate in Mental Health Research 4 Kids. 

Will participation affect my care?

Participation in the Research Registry is completely voluntary and will not impact the care you receive.